Tuesday February 11th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: authority.

Tuesday night bowling is pretty much dead and buried at this point. No one else showed up at the alley this evening, nobody even bothered to call. I'm having a hard time imagining a scenario which would see me back there next week.

I think the thing that annoys me most is how interested everyone seemed to be in continuing on. I'd really have preferred if they'd just been honest from the onset.

Oh well.


Ignored again. Is
this clown suit undermining
my authority?

*     *     *

He rules the office
like a lion - care to stick
your head in his mouth?


Greg said...

I don't think people were being dishonest with you, I think that (as is typically human) they were genuinely interested at the time but all they've really remembered when they walked away is that it was cancelled. And then they forgot about it because they'd not properly taken on board that it was still going on, but in a different form.
There's a saying, "Never ascribe to malice what can be adequately accounted for by incompetence," and it eases a lot of frustration with the world :)

I like both haikus a lot this week, but I think I like the first slightly more. I shall have to buy myself a clown suit now :)

I wield a big stick,
Making people obey me.
Bow down, you earthworm!

One's authority
Stems from one's conduct. Only
Stupid folk watch me.

[Acrostic this week is "I'M BOSS" as six letter synonyms for Authority aren't that easy to find!]

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, fair enough. That's a very useful saying; I feel like I should put it somewhere I'll see it every day.

Hah, nicely done with the acrostic this week. I think 'I'm boss' actually occurred to me shortly after I chose the topic :)

I like both of yours, perhaps the... hmm... let's say the first one slightly more. Tough call though.