Tuesday February 25th, 2014

The exercise:

Give me two options, in haiku form, for words that could be engraved on a: tombstone.

Yours, someone famous, someone fictional, whatever. Serious or silly, I leave that up to you.

Brought a wheelbarrow full of wood down to the house today, which was fine. The problem, however, is that I had planned on bringing much more than that. It's just that, apparently, I am not yet sufficiently recovered from my cold to deal with slogging through a snow-covered orchard.

Seriously, weather. We could do with a little less of the white stuff any day now.


He loved his dear wife
almost as much as he loved
his six mistresses

*     *     *

She made music with
each and ev'ry breath she took;
listen, she sings still


Greg said...

Well wood is heavy and snow is hard to even walk through so pushing a wheelbarrow through it must be a pretty good workout! I'd say the one rep was good going after your illness :)

I think I like your first haiku better this week, not least for the sardonic acrostic it creates!

Haiku epitaphs
He exploded twice!
I told him he was gassy,
Now he's just grassy.

Don't use petrol to
Set the barbecue aflame!
I smell'd roasting pork....

Gold won't make you glad;
His dropped from high on his head,
Too bad. Now he'd dead.

[OK, I cheated. With three haiku I can get HINDSIGHT as the acrostic, which seems rather fitting for the subject!]

MosesMalone said...

You are invited!
People are dying to join
My graveyard party

With her Nikes on
She kicked some ass, showed us heart,
Gave us love. God bless.

Marc said...

Greg - oh my goodness, I didn't even notice my acrostic. Hah, that's awesome, thanks for pointing it out :D

I am more than happy with seeing three haiku from you in order to continue your acrostic haiku madness. I think I have to go with your first as my favorite :)

Mo - I like them both, for totally different reasons. The first got a laugh out of me, and the second just has such a wonderful sentiment to it. I think it would make a very fine epitaph :)