Tuesday February 4th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: skeletons.

It was just me and one other guy at bowling tonight, which was disappointing. Two other people called to let me know they weren't coming due to illness, but other than that it was radio silence.

We'll try again next week and see what happens. I don't know what my minimum number is for other bowlers showing up in order to make it worth continuing, but it is certainly more than one.


Regrets and mistakes
are never far away - they
live in my closet.

*     *     *

While no one watches,
wind sweeps desert sands aside;
dinosaurs emerge.


Greg said...

That is a poor turnout! Maybe if this continues you might consider only running the league in warmer months when people don't feel that it's such an effort to leave the house and get to the bowling alley? Even though, one person and two phone-calls is not what I thought you'd get!
I like your second haiku best this week, for the beautifully evocative imagery.

[I've just scraped an acrostic (O, BONES) out of this, but it's been very hard!]

Old bones support old
Bodies, waiting to get free.
O, bones! Don't leave me!

"Nice bones," I said. "Your
Exoskeleton is hot!"
She ignored me still.

Shea Stuart said...

Not every day seen
but always lingering by
me waiting to strike.

It hangs and watches,
observing the passages
of time, of people.

Cat Downey said...

An abused child cries
Another cut on her arm-
Tragedy is cruel.
Skeletons live on,
Forever until we die.
I have given up.

Lindsey Boger said...

What have we all become?
Rubble in the ground like dirt.
We nourish the ground.

Prehistoric Beauty,
Frozen in time, we live here.
Silent yet noisy.

Matthew Delavega said...

holds us together
Without is we would fall
stronger then we think

Brandon Johnston said...

Lifeless and alone
The skeleton has nothing
Hollow and alone

Spooky and scary
Emptiness creeps from within
Caution be wary

mte92 said...

Frightening to eyes
Eerie element within
Forever hidden

Our support system
So strong and yet so fragile
We hold ourselves high

Harley Arnold said...

We study these things
Through school and college
But what do you know?

We don't fall apart
They hold us together
They grow strong with us

obesity said...

Despite the same skeleton shared with human being, the tiny different thought make big difference in our lives

Marc said...

Greg - eh, in warmer months I'm busy with the farm. But hopefully it won't be quite so cold next week and people will come out.

Ah jeez, forgot about you and your acrostic haiku again. But it all worked out quite nicely anyway, particularly your second :)

Shea - hello and welcome! Thanks for dropping by to share this with us, and I hope you find reason to continue contributing to the blog :)

I especially like your second haiku, it conveys a lot with very few words.

Cat - a warm welcome to you as well! Thanks for sharing your haiku with us - though they are both quite sad, they equally well done.

I hope to see more of your writing here :)

Lindsey - welcome! Thanks for sharing these with us. You do have an extra syllable in both of your first lines, but otherwise they are very good. I especially like the final line in your first one.

Please share more of your writing with us when you get the chance!

Matthew - welcome to the blog! Thanks for sharing your haiku with us. You're actually short a syllable in your second line but still managed a very good poem.

Just imagine what you'd have come up with if you'd used all the syllables available to you :)

Brandon - and yet another welcome! Thanks for joining in the fun. And you even managed to get some rhyming in there!

I like your first one best, thanks to the symmetry of your first and final lines. They're both good though, and I hope to see more of your writing here :)

mte92 - and welcome to you as well. Thanks for joining the poetry party! I like both of yours, but the first one in particular. That last line is pretty great :)

Harley - welcome! Thanks for sharing your words with us. You're short on syllables in both of your middle lines, which just means that two really good haiku have room to become even better.

I'm having trouble picking a favorite, but I'll go with your second one by a hair.

Obesity - and finally one last welcome to you too! Though you've not written the requested (and that's all the prompts ever really are here anyway, just requests) haiku, I still enjoyed the sentiment behind your piece.

So thanks for sharing it and I hope to see more from you around these parts :)