Saturday February 8th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that is: shady.

Work went all right today, with two birthday parties in the bowling alley taking up most of my afternoon. Since Monday is a holiday here (the relatively new Family Day), I've got the night off. So other than possibly working a couple hours on Tuesday night, I'm off until next Saturday.



He claims that his dealings
Are truly above the table,
But you can get a deal
If your bank account is able.


Greg said...

You're going to be an expert on hosting birthday parties at this rate! Max will be complaining when he's 8 or 9 that you keep stealing the show on his birthday :) However, you should definitely enjoy that week of little external work and try not to let Kat pile too many chores on your shoulders ;-) I'd say you could catch up on comments, but you seem to have already done that! Well done!
Oh, and after all that, that's a lovely little smile-inducing poem!

They said the tree was shady,
So I rested at its roots.
It stole my wallet, pride and dignity,
My coat, my pants and boots!

Marc said...

Greg - hah, I can't imagine ever being able to upstage my little man. He's a showman in a league of his own already.

Hah, I like the way you combined the two meanings of today's prompt. Fun poem :)