Saturday February 1st, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: multitasking.

I managed to work 4.5 hours of my 8 hour shift today, which is slightly more than I was expecting. Max ended up staying with Kat while I opened up in the morning and that was for the best with all the running up and down the stairs I had to do.

A part of me still thinks it would have been fun though.

I've made a few minor (but badly needed) updates on the blog recently, the main thing being my list of weekly themed prompts and the addition of the yearlong prompts on the lower right, just above my prompt cloud. Which is getting much too large. I might have to change the requirement for inclusion from all prompts that have been used more than once to something a little more... exclusive.

Also: I've added Stephen King's 11/22/63 to my recommending reading page. Because it was fantastic and absorbing and brilliantly written. So, yeah, check it out if it sounds like your sort of thing. I'd say it's not your typical King novel, but it's honestly the first work of fiction by him I've ever read.

So I'll say instead: it doesn't seem like it would be a typical King novel.


This is no problem,
I can do it all;
Posters in the crib,
Baby's on the wall.


Greg said...

Those all seem like useful additions to the blog, and will probably help save you time on the yearlong prompt when you're linking back to previous entries! I think it's a shame that Max wasn't racing you up and down the stairs, but maybe if you were that busy it was better that he wasn't contributing!
I like your little poem; it's exactly what I was thinking of when I saw the multitasking prompt!

She's always doing eight things as once,
Her temper's frayed; her looks are gone,
She has more arms than a normal lass,
She's the amazing Octomom!

Heather Banschbach said...

Stopped by for a little while to read. As always, you are great! Fun to read Greg's stories again as well. I wish I could promise to rejoin, but know that it would be broken as soon as I made it.

Hope all is well and perhaps I will be able to join you again some day soon!

Max is beautiful, by the way!

Marc said...

Greg - glad you liked mine, as I had all sorts of trouble executing the idea that was absolutely insisting on coming out to play.

Ah yes, the ever-desired extra arms for parents. Nicely done :)

Heather - good to hear from you! And no promises required, just drop by when you're able to :)

And thanks <-- that's for whatever little credit I have for his looks ;)