Wednesday February 12th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the daredevil.

I haven't been watching much of the current Winter Olympics, just following along with the results. That's about to change though, as the men's hockey tournament has just commenced and Canada plays their first game tomorrow morning.

If you've been here a while you may recall that the previous competition in Vancouver ended rather memorably for the team I pull for.

Anyway, I was just catching a bit of the qualification round for men's slopestyle skiing and... my goodness, those people are nuts. Impressive as hell. Not enough money in the world to get me to try it.


They think I'm crazy.

Of course they do.

What else can they do? Stand up here beside me? Certainly not. So much safer to throw stones from afar, securely attached to their sofas and bar stools. No guts, no glory. They obviously have no guts.

So I get all the glory.

Hopefully I survive to enjoy it.


Greg said...

Speaking from the gambling perspective, we're aware that the Hockey Leagues all suspend during the Winter Olympics because the teams are all out there instead, so I'm not at all surprised that you're looking forward to the Ice Hockey matches starting. As a betting exchange we are too; people don't bet on the Olympics much, but they do bet on the Ice Hockey Leagues.
As for slopestyle... I see that, and raise you skeleton bobsleigh. Which I desperately want to do now I've watched it!
(Oh, and curling turns out to be oddly hypnotic, which (given we have sports up on large tvs all around the office) is doing nothing for my productivity).
Heh, nice summary of the daredevil's mindset there! I think I'm in agreement with it :)

The daredevil
"It's a guppy."
There was a wet slap, and then a feeling of autumn frost in the air. A sudden smell of ozone arose, and as quickly dissipated. There was a second wet slap.
"What's a guppy?" asked the Red Lightbulb, walking in to the Ensemble Chamber in the Council of Nastiness's headquarters. He stopped, halted in his tracks by the two reddening, fish-shaped imprints on Sylvestra's face, and the fact that the Green Lightbulb was holding a flapping, gasping fish in his hand. Frost rimed every surface in the room.
"That's a guppy," said Sylvestra, pointing at the dying fish.
"It's a rare daredevil fish!"
"It's dying," said the Red Lightbulb. "Can we get it into a frying pan and some butter?"
"It's a guppy," said Sylvestra. She seemed thinner and paler somehow, and Red was still puzzled that she'd let Green slap her with a fish. Twice.
"It's a daredevil fish! When it dies, it releases a spirit that can be tamed by members of the tribes of the First Nations and then used to lay waste to entire cities."
"It looks tasty," said Red. He started opening cupboards, looking for a frying pan and some butter.
"Do we have First Nations tribesmen here?" asked Sylvestra, her gaze suddenly seeming to come together again.
"No," said Green. "Why?"
"Then don't let it die!"

Marc said...

Greg - well, not the teams, just (most) of their best players. In the case of Team Canada, there is always debate over who is chosen and who is left off the roster :)

Curling is surprisingly hypnotic! I've watched a few matches online while trying to update the blog and time has... bent in strange ways.

Oh, Green. One needs to plan things just a little further ahead :P