Friday June 27th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the draft.

Back to the market tomorrow, bringing the last nine crates of cherries (screw you, rain), the last 44 pints of strawberries (woo hoo, no more strawberry picks for this year), 31 pints of raspberries, and a whole lot of shelling peas (didn't bother counting the number of bags).

Now as long as the weather plays nice it should be another good one. Not nearly as ridiculous as last week's, but we won't be topping that one any time soon. Maja is coming with me for her final market before she leaves us on Monday, Genevieve will stick around the farm to get some more weeding done, and Kat and Max will be coming up mid-morning'ish with my parents.

Seriously, weather. Play nice.


I put the final touches on it and then carefully tuck it inside a box I had set aside for just this purpose. It fits perfectly, cushioned by coloured paper and bubble wrap. Then the lid goes on, removing it from sight - likely forever - and I begin my search for an ideal hiding spot.

The first draft of my novel can never be seen by anyone.


Greg said...

Maja's going already? I thought your helpers were staying all summer, so that's a bit of a surprise! Still, I hope she's had a good time and enjoyed her stay with you all. And that Max won't be too disheartened by her departure.
That's a lot of fruit again, and I'm sure it'll be appreciated by your customers :)
Heh, I think a lot of first drafts get treated like that!

The draft
"What's a draft?" asked Olivia, pointing at the neatly labelled button on the console.
"Huh? Oh, that's not a draft, that's a d-raft," said Captain Hollister. "A dimensional raft, for fleeing this spacecraft when she next goes wrong...."

Marc said...

Greg - we decided to go with one month stays this year, unless they really worked out and both sides wanted to stay for longer. Lowered the risks of getting stuck with someone we didn't really get along with all that well. Bit riskier, as we've got big chunks of time with nobody lined up to help us, but so far it's working out. We were very, very relieved to hear from Becky when we did :)

I feel like I could use a d-raft some days...