Saturday June 14th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the drummer.

Well the strawberries lasted until almost 11:45 this morning before the last pint was sold. But in fairness to Penticton, it was a much cloudier, cooler day than what we had for last week's market.

Plus, you know, that was a whole lot of strawberries.

Max seems to be responding well to his treatment, with the swelling going down significantly today. Hopefully he'll be good as new before we sit down to Father's Day dinner tomorrow night.


He may not look like it
But he's the dopest drummer, man.
He keeps that funky beat
On his upside down garbage can.


Greg said...

Wow, that's a complete sea of strawberries! And I'm not surprised they lasted a little longer, since you had almost double what you had last time! Very impressed :)
And, of course, I'm glad to hear that Max is on the mend!
Great little poem, inspired by anyone at the market, by any chance?

The drummer
The marching band is playing
"When the Saints come marching in,"
But the drummer's doing dubstep
At 180 bpm!


The drummer beats the head of the drum
The beat moves her Inside
To her the music is real
To the drummer the music i s spiritual

Signature said...

His soul seems lost in the beats
For his hands drumming hard
His heart bleeding with pain
And dreams falling like a house of cards

Marc said...

Greg - nah, no real life inspiration here. At least, I don't recall any - it's been a while!

Funny thing was, we couldn't even fit all the berries on the table (well, if we'd not had anything else to sell we might have...).

Okay, the mental image your poem provided me is going to send me to sleep with a big smile on my face. I must call it a night after this post!

Gabrielle - welcome to the blog! A much, much delayed welcome. I hope you return to share more writing with us soon.

Thanks for sharing this poem, I can feel the authenticity behind it.

Signature - and a belated welcome to the blog to you as well! My apologies for being so behind, and I hope you also return to share more writing with us here.

That's a powerful sentiment your poem conveys, and it is beautifully done. Thank you for sharing it.