Tuesday June 3rd, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about feeling or being: overwhelmed.

Our first strawberry harvest yielded 24 pints, which was quite a bit more than I was expecting. We had orders for 8 of those, and then sold two more to people wanting more when they came to pick up this afternoon (we'd placed a limit of 2 pints per customer this week, not knowing how much we'd get from the first pick).

The rest will be arriving at the bakery tomorrow morning, which should make both the bakers and their customers quite happy.

This evening marked the beginning of the battle with the cherry tree netting. I'd say the nets won the first round, but we'll be back for more tomorrow night.


The to-do list on
the fridge has grown so long that
it touches the floor

*     *     *

Do it all, do it
now? No problem... as long as
I can clone myself.


Greg said...

Oh wow, that's a bumper strawberry harvest! I guess all that weeding and mulching is paying off then :) It must be gratifying to see the results of all that hard work shining like little red jewels.
And I hope you get a fresh strawberry tart from the bakers for your bounty :)
Heh, I think I like your haiku equally this week, as I suspect there's a ring of truth to both of them! You can solve the to-do list problem by burning and starting a new one headed: "Write a to-do list" :)
And well done on catching up with comments :)

Pressure increases;
the need to please everyone
is overwhelming.

Frost shatters old rock,
My mind explodes in concert.
Just pebbles remain.

Aholiab said...


Thanksgiving dinner
I can't eat another bite
Turn on the TV

One child in college,
Two in high school, one pre-teen.
How much is too much?

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I'm happy that the plants are producing nicely and that the weather has cooperated, after all that hard work.

I think my second was more close to home, but thanks either way :)

I am far too familiar with the sentiment of your first haiku. I shall pick it as my favorite this week anyway though :P

Aholiab - two very different sources of overwhelm, but both deftly captured. I think I like your first a little more, but it's close.