Saturday June 7th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: rejection.

Yeah, the Friday and Saturday pairings might be becoming a regular thing.

We had a wonderful return to the market this morning, selling out of strawberries just before 10 am, moving the majority of the tomato plants and rhubarb that we brought with us, and quite a few greeting cards found new homes as well. It was also really nice to see so many familiar faces.

Already looking forward to going back next weekend with even more strawberries.


I can see you put your heart and soul
Into trying to sing;
Must be hard to know your heart and soul
Ain't worth a Goddamned thing.


Greg said...

I knew you'd sell all the strawberries... but in fairness, I think even a blind old haruspex with no chickens left could have made that prediction as well. You'll have to start keeping track of the earliest time you sell out of anything so you've got a record to tell people about and try and beat.
And that poem... well, Mr. Cowell, I know where to come for support and advice now, don't I? I'll be off to sell my heart and soul for bio-waste and drink myself to death... :)

I've heard your 'considered criticism',
And I know you're just being mean.
I'm going to carry on singing
Like 'a mangled cat's malformed scream'!

Marc said...

Greg - ah yes, but that haruspex sounds like she might a few good tales to tell as well!

I quite like your rejection of my rejection in poem form :D