Saturday June 21st, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: smashing.

We got all the berries and cherries on the truck this morning, with minimal fussing around. The strawberries sold out by 10:30, the raspberries were gone long before that. The cherries?

Well, we had about half a pound left at 12:30 and it was looking pretty sad and lonely on the table. So I gave them to the woman at the bakery stand next to ours. Technically, not a sell out... but I'm fairly certain I don't give a crap about that technicality.

Consider any previous best market records utterly and completely smashed.

Genevieve took the overnight bus from Vancouver to meet us at the start of what turned out to be a very, very busy market. We got back home while Max was napping so he came wandering out in a very dopey state... and still was pretty much immediately happy to see her.

And now I am exhausted and ready for bed.


We all believed
The old records would stand,
But then things got
A little out of hand...


Greg said...

Well done, that sounds fantastic! And well done to Genevieve as well for getting to the market with all those obstacles in the way! It sounds like she's getting expert with these buses and overnighters :)
I am very impressed with the speed at which you cleared the fruit though, that's very good going. I bet there are lots of happy customers as well now.
And yeah, I think that's a poem you're entitled to write!

With the repeated thuds and what I thought
Was the sounds of cymbals crashing,
I thought that she was practising drums,
Not just practising smashing....

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, she was a pretty dedicated helper. We're hoping she'll be back.

That's a really great poem. Despite my current tiredness it brought a big smile to my face :D