Tuesday June 17th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the passenger.

Box day number two is over and out. On top of the 13 boxes we sold a few hundred dollars worth of strawberries, the first two pints of raspberries we've picked this year, and an extra bag of cherries that was leftover from what Kat's parents picked for us this morning.

Looking forward to bringing those guys to the market for the first time this Saturday. They're always a big seller and we should still have a good number of strawberries also. It'll be a busy one, I'm sure, so it'll be nice to have both Maja and Genevieve with me for it.

We had much kinder weather today and it's supposed to remain that way for the foreseeable future. That would be nice.


He gives directions
like he receives them from God.
Get out of my car.

*     *     *

She was stranded at
the side of the road; soon she
will see her mistake.


Greg said...

What's the upper limit on the number of boxes that you can do? I know that you've been slowly increasing the number that you offer each year, but it seems like you're getting close to capacity on putting the boxes together in a day :)
Raspberries are probably my favourite fruit. I'd be delighted with a kilo of those in a box ;-)
And I hope the weather stays nice for you too.
I like your first haiku better today without a doubt. The second one is good, but the first one is superb!

The passenger
Tied up hands and feet,
My passengers travel in
The boot of the car.

He took the side-car,
But the motor-cycle star
Was jumping buses....

[Boot == trunk for North Americans :)]

Brittany said...

Hope everyone's having a wonderful day. It sure is hot and windy on the east coast!

Legs crossed and her hands
resting neat in her lap, she
looks outside the train.

Thumb up with greasy
hair and flea bitten clothes, he's
not welcome in here.

Marc said...

Greg - we decided to max out at 13 for now and we're just managing that. We're hoping to up it by a few more once we have more produce available (tomatoes, etc).

Hah, I like how your first could go with my second.

Brittany - and I hope the same for you, though my wishes are much delayed!

Love the image your first haiku paints, as well as the second. Just... in a much different way :D