Friday June 6th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the submission.

Heading to the farmers market bright and early tomorrow morning, bringing 54(!?) pints of strawberries, three crates of tomato plants, two crates of mint plants, a crate of rhubarb, and a refreshed stack of greeting cards.

I'm pretty excited. Not as pumped up as Genevieve, who I'll be bringing with me while Maja stays here to do more garden work, but I'm totally looking forward to it.

Hopefully we're both able to get some sleep tonight.


A teetering tower of printed paper, heavy with ink and reeking of desperation, guards the far corner of his desk. Toying with the latest app on his phone he ignores it without any hint of guilt.

The submission deadline was three (or was it four?) months ago; surely the hopeful authors were checking their email, real mail, and phones daily (if not hourly) for a response.

He is in no hurry though since there was nothing in the entry guidelines about when authors could expect a reply - he had made sure of that.


Greg said...

That's an impressive quantity of strawberries! And I bet you sell them all too :) It sounds like it should be a good market for you, so I hope the weather is nice and attracts the crowds.
Heh, I wonder how many editors work like you're app-playing submissions-receiver? :-D

The submission
"Go get one!" Dave gave Vince a push, and Vince sprinted off in the direction of the Gaining ground with his net and Gladius in either hand. Dave lifted his smartphone up and started videoing. The secret, underlying mission – the sub-mission – was to find out just how well these performance-enhancing drugs worked.

David said...

She handed the teacher four pages of scribbles.

"What is this?" He asked.

"My term paper," she cooed as she sat on his desk.

"My A paper."

Marc said...

Greg - in my more bitter moments, I would say most editors are that way :P

Heh, I would love to see a copy of that video :)

David - hah, that's a clever take on the prompt. And very concisely done as well, not a word wasted!