Tuesday June 24th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: loss.

We're only at week three of our box program and already we had two families forget to collect their produce today. I feel like that's not a particularly good sign.

Though I do feel it is a sign that we should start charging people some sort of holding fee when that happens.

Anyway. A lot of veggies were harvested in the rain this morning but by this afternoon the clouds had cleared and the heat had returned. After dinner we drove our helpers up to the lookout point above Osoyoos to enjoy the view, since it's not really a place within reasonable biking or walking distance.

Also: Max napped today. Good and long. Hurray!


They tell me that my
memory is gone, but I
don't really miss it.

*     *     *

What? Say it again!
What? You need to speak louder!
 Dad's loss hurts us all...


Greg said...

Could you send text or email reminders to the forgetful perhaps? Or even automate an email on the morning of box day? But it does sound like a nuisance for you!
I think I like your first haiku better today, for all I don't believe it :)

Now that it's gone I don't know
Where I start and end.

No, no officer!
I did not lose my wife --
She found a way back :(

morganna said...

Missing: Blue blanket
Perfect for picnics, blue checks.
Last seen: Make believe play.

Marc said...

Greg - I think we're going to try emailing the night before, for those that don't check their email as regularly as we do. Can't hurt, anyway.

Hah, your second haiku. Nicely done :)

Morganna - aw :(

Hopefully this multipurpose blanket is found soon!