Friday April 10th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose which take place on: the catwalk.

Not sure what inspired that. Maybe it had something to do with being around Oliver (Kat's brother's cat) while hanging out with Max at Kat's parents place this afternoon.

Feel free to imagine me shrugging my shoulders while muttering "I dunno" at this point.

Tomorrow is the final day of the regular season for the NHL this year. Playoffs, I believe, are scheduled to begin on Wednesday. And, unlike last year, there are four Canadian teams (Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal) guaranteed a spot in the postseason - with a pretty decent chance of a fifth (Ottawa) joining in on the fun.

But I'm pretty sure you already know which team I'll be following with the most interest.


"They are working very hard," Evan said, his words surprisingly clear given that he was chewing on a cigar at the time.

"So it appears," I replied without taking my eyes off the men and women arranged at benches below us.

"Do you think our vantage point is... less than advantageous?" Evan asked as he leaned further over the railing to get a better look at what our employees were doing.

I put a hand at the small of his back and, after a moment's thought, decided not to push - there would be time enough for that at a later date, with fewer witnesses about.


Greg said...

Sounds like a good chance of a Canadian team taking the title this time round then! That'll be nice :)
Heh, I wonder now what Evan's done to warrant his undoubted fate! Nice piece, bringing a feel of busyness and work inside just four lines.

The catwalk
"Girls, gather round!" Madam Haircut (no, that was her real name) flapped her hands at the tall, elegant models in various states of undress. She gestured towards the curtain that separated backstage from the catwalk. "I've just been told that the designer has gone for verité," she said, "and has put anti-personnel mines at various points along the catwalk...."

Marc said...

Greg - that would be nice, considering how long it's been since a Canadian team won the championship. It's just unfortunate that, at most, only three of them will make it to the second round. But if Winnipeg wins their series then they'll play the winner of Vancouver and Calgary, which guarantees one Canadian team will make it to the third... so there's that!

That... is bound to be quite the show. I'd love to read a review... should any critic survive to tell the tale!