Tuesday April 7th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: dreams.

They're in. All it took was the second worst team in the NHL beating the defending Stanley Cup Champions and the Canucks are back in the playoffs. Only two things remain to be determined before the regular season concludes: whether or nor they'll have home-ice advantage in their first round best of seven series, and who their opponent will be.

It'll either be Calgary or Los Angeles (the previously mentioned defending champs, who Vancouver narrowly defeated last night). They play each other Thursday night, and a Calgary win would get them a date with Vancouver and eliminate LA.

So glad it didn't go down to the final game of the season. The playoffs will be stressful enough on their own, thanks very much.


Chasing after your
dreams is hard, like trying to
catch smoke with your hands

*     *     *

Much is sacrificed
pursuing dreams, but more is
lost if you don't try


Greg said...

Woohoo! All good so far then, and the LA KIngs (judging from that newspaper report) are having a tough time of it at the moment. I wonder if you'd prefer them to go through or not, now?
I'm having a hard time choosing between your haiku today as they both resonate. I think I'm going to pick the second though as you can catch smoke if it's thick enough... ;-)

All those dreams you shar'd
Felt to me like nightmares... so:
Restraining order.

You dream what's to come
But it's not precognition,
It's what you insist.

Anonymous said...

Swirling mists of light
That caress my soul, take flight.
All that I hold dear.

These desires of mine
Are bittersweet at their core.
For they are not real.

morganna said...

Roused from sleep -- a child's
Nightmare. Find words of comfort
Out of sleep and dreams.

Purple elephants will
Banish nightmares, every
Time, guaranteed!

Marc said...

Greg - definitely the Flames were my preferred choice. Nobody wanted the Kings in (other than their fans, I suppose) because they are a tough team to beat in a 7 game series.

Love your first one. That '... so: Restraining order' totally did it for me :D

Ivybennet - ooh, very nice. What a great, dreamy first one, with reality crashing through in the second.

Morganna - hah, too hard to pick a favorite this week. Maybe the second, for the smile it brought to my lips :)