Thursday April 9th, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: the opposition.

The Canucks are officially playing the Flames in the first round of this year's playoffs. The final game of the season for each team this Saturday will determine who has home ice advantage - if Vancouver wins, it's theirs. If they lose and the Flames win, the series begins in Calgary.

Either way, though... woo hoo, playoff hockey!

Spent most of my morning with Max at gym time at the community center. It was even relatively easy to get him there. This afternoon, while he hung out with Kat's parents, I seeded carrots and spinach in the garden before beginning this year's edition of the Weeding and Mulching the Strawberries show.

Blargh. I really hope to get some more help with that than I did last year.


They are out there. They are watching our every move, studying patterns and seeking out weaknesses. When the time comes, they will be ready.

They are whetting their blades, coiling their rope, collecting their poisons. If it can be used to kill a man, they are gathering it. When the time comes, their stockpile will overflow with the tools of death.

They are out there. They are waiting. They are prepared.

We will defeat them anyway.


Greg said...

Is playoff hockey like makeup sex? #innocent
Sounds like you had an easier day with Max today than for the rest of the week, and it sounds like you're relieved about that :)
I do like the optimism in your last line, given the terrors you've regaled us with beforehand! But really... is ice hockey fandom that bad?

The opposition
Opposition, n., Late Latin, via Inuktitut. An portmanteua, as are many English words, of hop, meaning to bound along cheerfully on one leg, pose, meaning to adopt a ridiculous face (q.v. duckface) in anticipation of art happening around you, and itching, meaning desirous of, or have the want to, scratch some part of your anatomy not considered publically acceptable. An opposition is where you contort yourself bodily and mentally in an attempt to alleviate physical discomfort while deceiving yourself that no-one is aware of what you are up to.
Chess players are well known for ending up in opposition due to the length of time they spend sat at a chess-board, usually at the wrong height for both of them, unable to move except when moving pieces. Football players and ice hockists similarly end up in opposition due to rules disallowing a return to the pitch after a departure.
Believed to derive from Inuktitut because opposition was considered the best way to face down a hungry polar bear in the vast Canadiac wilds.

Marc said...

Greg - in the sense that it is better than the usual version? Absolutely! :P

Woo hoo, another definition! (Have you gathered that I am a fan of this dictionary of yours yet?)

And this one does not disappoint in the least :) I especially liked the bit about '... deceiving yourself that no-one is aware of what you are up to.'