Saturday April 18th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: dirt.

We went up to Penticton this morning, as Kat was attending a family fair for the first time as a counselor. Max and I helped her get her table setup and then had a visit to the play cafe.

It was weird being the only ones there for almost the whole morning, but I guess that's what happens when the weather gets this nice this early. Hopefully things pick up for them when more tourists are around and the temperatures enter Stupid Hot range.

We returned to the fair to have lunch with Kat and hang out until the end of the event. From the sounds of it things went well for her. Fingers crossed she manages to get a few clients out of it in order to make it really worth her while.

No matter what happens though, I'm proud of her for getting herself out there like that.


He walks in the door
Covered from head to toe;
No need to ask where he's been
Because you already know.


Greg said...

Well done Kat! That's a great idea, to have a table there and meet people like that. I hope there are lots of clients generated from it :)
i guess I was a bit surprised when you said the Play Café was quiet all morning, I would have expected it to have been fairly busy myself. Still, I guess you can't have busy days every day.
Heh, I'm assuming that you're referring to Max in your poem today, but it sounds like every parent's horror: children have an instinct for doing that just when you've finished washing the floors or cleaning the carpets.

"So tell me," said the alien,
Sitting comfortably in the farmer's yurt,
"If you claim you love this planet,
Why have you called it 'Dirt'?"

Marc said...

Greg - nah, on nice days (especially this early in the year) most people will just take their kids to a park or a beach or something.

Hah, that's a great take on the prompt. Also: gotta be impressed with not only working 'yurt' in there, but rhyming with it as well!