Friday April 17th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: scope.

The Canucks got on the board this evening with a big 4-1 victory over the Flames. That was a big one, as they really didn't want to head to Calgary for the next two games down 2-0 in the series.

Aside from some minor touch-ups, the painting of the bathroom is done. Once I get the shelves up on the wall I'll have to share some pictures of the finished product.


"I'm going to fix something," Max announces as he walks past with an armful of tools.

"What are you going to fix?" I ask during a brief break from washing dishes.

"I'm going to fix outside," he says as he goes out the side door to the deck.

I know that what he meant was that he was going outside to fix something, but my initial reaction was only to say, "Way to keep that project scope realistic, Bubs."


Greg said...

Well it sounds like the Canucks felt they had something to prove about the result of the previous game! But that's a great result for them, so I'm happy :) And well done on finishing the bathroom, I thought it would be next week before you put the last coat of paint on. You must be pleased to have it all out of the way at last!
Heh, I'm with Max. I think outside needs to be fixed, even if that is a huge project :)

"It's called scope-creep," said Gerald, the Spymaster. "It's what happens when stakeholders change their minds, often based on late information but more frequently based on them realising that when we spent three hours explaining to them how dumb their request was they should have listened."
"So that means...?" asked Bob, on the other end of the secure Skype channel.
"That means," said Gerald, with just a hint of a sigh, "that when you're done scoping out the layout of the ch√Ęteau you've now got to break in and steal the life-size statue of Horus."

morganna said...

Open wide!

Just a little further ...
There, perfect!

Oh my god
You have a
Baby dragon down there!

Marc said...

Greg - hahaha, that is some video game company level scope creep :D

Morganna - hah, that was unexpected. For me, but I imagine even more so for the person doing the scope!