Saturday April 4th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the skeptic.

Apparently Kat and I were the only ones keen on having Easter fun in town this morning. You'd think a two to one vote would be the winner.

But then you'd be forgetting Max's power of veto via tantrum.

So we spent some time in the garden instead, finishing off the weeding and mulching of the garlic and then seeding peas, radishes, and greens. Max mostly played in the dirt but did attempt to help with sowing seeds a couple times - and he definitely helped me shovel mulch into the wheelbarrow as well.

 One day he's going to be such a big help out there. Until then, he's pretty entertaining.


He believes in nothing,
At least that's what they say.
I heard he even claims
He's happier that way...


Lakshmi Nambiar said...

The Skeptic
She doesn't believe you,
Unless she is given proof.
She questions every belief, myth and story.
And if not satisfied she stays high and aloof.

Greg said...

I guess Max was just having a bad morning :) It sounds like he did cheer up after a while though, which I'm sure you were grateful for!
Heh, I like your poem. It feels like a description of me. And definitely happier that way, definitely :)

The skeptic
He laughed at all religions and sneered at all our dreams,
He never saw the ghost; he dismissed our childish screams.
He never found the wonder of a world beyond our own,
When he died he was unhappy, unbelieving and alone.

ivybennet said...

Aw, poor Max.

The Skeptic:

The greatest joy I’ve ever known
Is weaving spells of green and purple light
In front of the nonbeliever,
And watch as all his dreams take blissful flight.

Marc said...

Lakshmi - that's a neat little character bio in such a small space. Very nicely done :)

Greg - Max just has a very short list of things he's willing to do right now. And going to town is not anywhere to be found on said list. As long as he's doing what he wants to do he's perfectly happy.

That's one hell of a four line poem. I wouldn't have believed so much could have be conveyed in such tight confines... but you pulled it off beautifully.

Ivybennet - I like that you tackled the prompt from a different angle, and that you managed to end your poem on such a positive note. Deftly handled :)