Sunday April 19th, 2015

The exercise:

It's only been... just over two years since I used this prompt. For the only time. So here we go, with the Bad Day Prompt: write about a sports fan having a bad day.

On a *completely* unrelated note, the Canucks lost 4-2 this evening. So they're down 2-1 in their best of 7 series, with game 4 going Tuesday night. I'd say it would be a good idea to win that one.

Had a nice day with the family, going to the park this morning to meet up with some friends before spending the afternoon in the yard. We got a few things transplanted and seeded in our veggie box, Kat power washed the deck, and I did some weeding in the flower garden.

It's looking a lot better out there now, but we still have a ways to go.


The game is over,
The good guys have lost.
He gets off the couch,
Finds his dinner tossed
In the trash by a
Wife who is long gone -
She's having a drink
With their pool boy, Juan.

He picks up the phone
To order some food,
But the pizza girl
Is terribly rude.
(It just so happens
That her favorite team
Is the one that just
Crushed all of his dreams)

But there is hope yet,
He thinks with a tear
Forming in his eye:
There's always next year...


Greg said...

I was going to complain that 2013 wasn't so long ago and then I realised that you're right, it was two years back. Huh. Well I've not aged two years in that time, so I'm going to go with my internal clock which says it was about three months back. I think, translating to your human time, it means my next birthday won't be until 2027, but I can live with that :)
Sorry about that Canucks loss, but so long as they bring it back in the next game they'll be alright. You know they like to keep you right on the edge of your seat all through the season!
Heh, I like the middle stanza with the pizza girl, that's a very nice touch. As is the dinner being tossed since he was clearly too absorbed in the game to notice it. Overall a nicely bittersweet work with just a hint of uplift at the end to give the reader hope.

Bad day
Jimmy the Cauliflower finished his set and tried to leave the stage. Normally this would have involved just walking off to the left, behind the tatty curtain that the bar-owner had strung up from the light-fixture, and down three low steps to the bar. This time though, while the crowd were still sluggishly clapping and possibly cheering, a large man with the gravitas of a judge and the personal gravity of Jupiter caught him in the chest with one huge, spatulate hand and pushed him backwards. Jimmy's feet, clad in his freshly polished patent leather shoes, slid backwards as though the soles were buttered until he was centre-stage again. Then a familiar pressure started up in his neck and he was hoisted off the stage by his own bootlace tie and the huge man started reciting something. In French. In iambic pentameter.
'Dafu–?" gasped Jimmy. He dimly remembered people shouting at him in French at school, but that hadn't made him want to learn the language. "I don' unnerstan!"
"It's a summons," said the man, his voice so deep the stage seemed to shake. "The Mounties want their man."
"Match fixing," said the man, Cyril. "You're the reason the Canucks have lost their last five games."
"I'm a fan of the C'ucks!" choked Jimmy. His normally pasty-white face was suffused with blood and turning purple.
"Their last loss was a charity match against a bunch of disabled nuns," said Cyril. "They lost by eighteen points. People were converting to Christianity in the arena, believing they were watching a miracle."
"Sou's like a mickle to me!" Cyril hoisted Jimmy a little higher and the tie started to creak under the strain. "K! K! I c'n fix it t'other way too!"
"Oh Jimmy," said Catto, appearing behind Cyril. Jimmy noticed, through dimming eyes that she seemed to be carrying several handbags, all brimming with wallets, jewellery and banknotes. "Bad day?"
"Def'n't'ly," croaked Jimmy as he lost consciousness.

morganna said...

Her baseball team lost

No more card games
No more TV-watching

No more phone calls,
Not even from her favorite daughter
I'm going to bed!

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I know. Time is nonsense.

I like that the feeling of being lifted off his feet by his tie is 'a familiar pressure' - that's a great detail :)

And I do appreciate the tie-in with the Canucks as well.

Morganna - yeah, there's definitely a feeling of 'oh screw it all, I'm going to bed' after a big loss. Nicely captured.

James Talley said...

My Team just lost,
because they're poop.
The season has ended
We took second place
It may not be sportsman like but
please punch Brady
inside of his face
I do not like Dallas,
New England i cant stand
Yet here I am today
watching a fifth ring go
on Tom Brady's hand.