Tuesday April 21st, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: atmosphere.

The score this evening: Calgary 3 Vancouver 1. Coincidentally, the series now stands at: Calgary 3 Vancouver 1. So unless the Canucks manage to win the next three games their return to the playoffs will be a very short one.

Hung out with Max, Sam, and Sarah this morning while Kat was off at work. We went for coffee and snack time, then had a nice visit to the park. This afternoon the girls went to check out some wineries while Max was with Kat's parents, so I did some more raspberry cane pruning.

Scratched the crap out of my arms, but I did get that section finished. Hurray?


They say it's made of
nitrogen and oxygen,
but here it's just rage

*     *     *

On the front porch, she
feels the silence within and
knows to turn away


Greg said...

I saw the score on my way in this morning and knew that you wouldn't be happy. Still, there is still a chance there, and Vancover have kept you on tenterhooks like this before!
I like your second haiku better today but it's a very close run thing. I think the atmosphere it has itself is powerful and that's why it wins the competition.
I know I'm late to yesterday's; between resignations, sackings and the general daily grind it's been shockingly busy so far!

Boron (gaseous)
Ravages your lungs when you
Enter the portal

Atmosphere suits rot,
This world is implacably
Hostile to humans.

[BREATHE would have been better, but it's seven letters :)]

morganna said...

Like water to fish
All around us ev'ry moment
The air we breathe.

The feeling in the
Room -- is it time to flee or
Time to party?

Marc said...

Greg - those are two impressive haiku, especially considering the restrictions of the acrostic you placed on them. I think I like your second the most this week.

Morganna - really like your first one this go 'round. There's just something in it that captures a very complex thing in a very simple manner. Nice!