Friday March 11th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: lying in wait.

Worked the 4 to 9 closing shift at the community centre this evening. Bit of a hectic start, but things eventually settled down. Even managed to get out of there pretty close to on time.

This morning I finished filing our taxes, so hurray for that. Still hate the process but I think I might be getting faster at doing them now.

After lunch I went to pick up some packages from the States and grabbed some groceries on the way home. Then I got back home and... well, that's where our tale begins.


I parked outside the gate, since I had to leave for work in about half an hour, and brought the groceries in. I went right back out to get the packages out of the trunk and decided to carry all three large boxes in one go because I'm a guy.

As I was passing back through the gate I heard something behind me and I turned to find... two deer heading straight for me and the open gate.

I kicked the gate shut, they ran off down the street while I laughed... but now I feel like I need to keep a close eye out whenever I leave the gate open, even for less than a minute.


Greg said...

Well, I appreciate that there's a reason for the deer fence and a good one too, but I am very impressed that your local herbivores are clever enough to wait for you to open the fence and give them room to come in and then make their move. It clearly offers vegans hope that one day they too might evolve to that level :-P I'm expecting that in three weeks time though you'll find yourself being haunted by ghost deer because it turns out you've kept deer priests off the land and from performing an ancient ceremony to keep things quiet :)

Lying in wait
"The problem," said the Queen, her voice cold yet so quiet the court assassin had to lean in further still to hear her, "is that my ladies in waiting are, in fact, lying in wait. Outside the door to this room, and at least one of them has equipped herself with a steel knitting needle capable of skewering an eye and a good chunk of brain."
"I understand," said the assassin, and he leaned in just a little closer. "After all, they hired me first."

Marc said...

Greg - yes, well, no ghost deer quite yet. Thankfully.

Hmm, it would appear that the Queen is in a spot of trouble here! Unless she proves more resourceful than I might expect... which, knowing you, she likely will.