Monday March 21st, 2016

The exercise:

Write about: the crack.

Got some stuff done around the house this morning before spending the afternoon with Max. We hung out at a park for a bit, but unfortunately we arrived just as the sun went behind the clouds and the wind picked up. So that didn't last as long as either of us would have liked.

By the way, I've yet to schedule any posts to cover my time away for the birth. So if things go quiet for a couple days... you'll know what's up.


You used to be so intimidating. Flawless and carefree. Nothing could bother you. There was an almost holy aura surrounding you. It's no wonder none of us dared stand against you.

But the years have chipped away at you. Cracks have begun to appear in your once perfect exterior. Nothing major, certainly nothing drastic. They are there, though. For those bold enough to look closely to find them.

Could one be your downfall? One day, perhaps. It's hard to imagine that happening any time soon. One can hope, though. I allow myself to dream of it, now and then.

You are still a terror to behold. Even with the hints of weakness that have begun to slip through. Which is why whenever I do dream those dreams... I always wake in a cold sweat, tangled in my sheets, searching the dark corners of my room for your watching, knowing eyes.

Of course, you're never there. Just shadows.

For now.


morganna said...

We're getting married tomorrow
Ever so excited
Don't think I can wait
Do you think
It's usual and
Normal that my fiance´ is
Going to the movies right now with my best friend?

Greg said...

@Morganna: that's another good acrostic and the theme is very nicely twisted. I'm sure it's normal, you know. Absolutely certain :)
@Marc: It's a bit late to wish you good luck now, but I'm sure you won't need it!
Well, I'm still curious about what it is that you're describing, but it seems very impressive and possibly terrifying, and perhaps – just perhaps – that's all I need to know. The writing is beautifully evocative :)

"Derek? This phone is tapped, and I organised the tap. You're going to be caught and brought in. Alive, according to the documentation, and frankly that surprised me."
"Derek, I know it's you. Stop pretending."
"I found the windows you broke, Derek. That is my office now, and you need to stay out of it."
"Crack, Mavis. Crack!"
"Derek, the private investigators will have your location by now. Please, just behave when they come for you."
"They have dogs, Derek. And guns. And... I have the invoice here somewhere... a bear trap. Though I suppose you've lost weight after you chewed your own leg off."
"Crack, Mavis!"
"Derek, what are you smoking?"
"... I can't believe I didn't see that coming."

Marc said...

Morganna - ah, the beginning of the wedding saga. You did such an excellent job with this series :)

Greg - thanks!

Ah, poor Derek. I'd say things couldn't get much worse for him, but I fear you'd take that as a challenge...