Wednesday March 9th, 2016

The exercise:

Write about: the chef.

Inspired by Kat and I watching Cooked on Netflix the last few nights.

Went to Penticton this afternoon for our 36 week appointment with the midwife. Next appointment is at 37 weeks next Friday and we'll be going week by week at that point, what with the baby potentially coming any day.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.



I feel nothing. I wonder why I don't feel anything. This is bad, right? I should feel something.


How did I not notice? I know we were busy - swamped, really - but I'm having trouble understanding how I didn't notice until now. You'd think... I dunno.

"Should I call a doctor, Chef?"

"What? No. Not yet."

"Not yet?" A slight pause. "Chef?"

Normally I'd fire him on the spot for using such a disrespectful tone. Somehow, right now, I don't really feel like it though. It must be bad.

"Find the salad first."

"The salad, Chef?"

Note to self: fire this idiot later.

"Yes, the salad. You know, the one with my finger in it?"


Greg said...

I'm pretty certain that writing Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. like that will turn the baby into a cuckoo clock. Just sayin'.
I haven't seen Cooked, but your scene is certainly interesting. I like the Chef's reaction to the loss of a finger, it seems about... right, actually. After all, getting service finished is important, and fingers can be sewn back on later. Or grown back. And I think you've captured the other-worldliness of someone who's just had a back shock quite nicely.

The taste of the wind on a grey day,
When white-capped waves beat insistently,
on the samphire-edged beaches of Penrith Bay,
Caught, contained, captured, trapped,
Held tingling in a single mouthful of broth.
The bowl set in crushed ice
That recalled the sea-foam and the walk home
Along a white-gravelled path that glowed,
And created a memory that still resonates today.
Please tell the chef that this has been a gift.

[If you're in a childish mood there's an extra line:
"And he should please excuse my incontinence in the lift."]

Marc said...

Greg - nope, no cuckoo clock here :P

Beautiful imagery tells an enchanting tale. And I think there's no need for the extra line, though I appreciate its inclusion :D