Monday March 7th, 2016

The exercise:

Today each of us shall pick the title of a song and use that as our individual inspiration. Not the subject of the song, not any lyrics, just the title.

This afternoon was Max's last soccer class for this session. The community centre will be coming out with their spring leisure guide soon (you'd think I'd know when, but I don't work there very often) and we're planning on signing him up again. Hopefully Natalie will be joining him.

Oh, since I'm stupid behind on comments once again, I'll just say this here: Greg, I shall try to get a picture of the deer fence for you tomorrow. For now, just know that it's tall enough that they can't jump over it.


Blame It on Me by George Ezra

All of the tears,
All of the scars,
Every last fight;
Come on, come on,
I will take it
And hold it tight.

All of the cheats,
All of the scams
In this unfair game -
Of life, of love -
I'll take more than
My share of the blame.

All of the quakes,
All of the droughts,
The rise of the sea!
Go ahead, go on,
It's all right if
You blame it on me.

My skin is thick,
My back is strong -
I'll smile all the while!
You've got more gripes?
Another hurt?
Add it to the pile.


Greg said...

The deer fence sounds high then! I hope Max doesn't miss the football lessons too much, or at least that the Spring activities are at least as interesting for him. I would have thought you'd have known the planned activities though, not just when the guide is coming out!
Well, I think your poem lives up to its title thoroughly and runs through a complete list of ills that the narrator is willing to have blamed on them... I'm finding it all a little suspicious really. Still, I think this would be an interesting poem to see performed :)

Bartender by Lady Antebellum
I tend bars. Quite a lot of bars actually, in a number of places. It's sort of shift work, but different somehow. You don't need to know how. Come to think of it, you don't actually want to know how. You just want a drink, don't you Sir?
So tonight we're in a tiki bar and there's a work party in. You can tell easily; there's the women in the slightly dowdy dresses and suits that they pick out for hump day in the office. They weren't planning on being here this evening, but then Sandra came in all tearful because her boyfriend was cheating on her with her brother and by the time they'd got her all calmed down she wanted to go out and drink and it was hard to say no. The men are there because the women are there, but they're all aware that Sandra's off limits. Though Geoff over there is considering trying it on with her boyfriend now.
Your drink has a kick? It sure does, they clean the glassware with drain fluid at the end of the night. I wouldn't drink here myself until halfway through the evening.
Yesterday? Well yesterday was a wine bar in a city; lots of bankers, mortgage brokers and chinless wonders. They stand around in groups like herd beasts, unaware that they're acting like prey instead of predators. I find you get that a lot; they've no real clue what they're supposed to be so they revert to the norm. The spend money like water and drink like fishes and the memory loss and liver damage makes them feel like they've been out on the hunt. I just cut the champagne with soda water and the scotch with the contents of the drip tray under the pumps and tell them they've got the Reserve, the Good Stuff. They love it.
Your drink? I told you already, it's been cut with drain fluid. You don't think it's that nasty pink colour on purpose, do you?

Marc said...

Greg - thanks! Yeah, I feel like I can hear the voice I'd read mine in pretty clearly. As unlikely as that is to ever happen.

Speaking of voices, I love the voice you've given your bartender here. Sounds like a helluva character, one I'd like to hear more from. You've certainly provided enough potential settings for your bartender to have a lot of fun in :)

Also: really enjoyed the descriptions of the crowds. They feel... torn from personal experience :)