Tuesday March 15th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: invisibility.

At work tonight there was a group meeting upstairs until 8:45, drop-in soccer in the gym until 8:45, and the last two guys didn't leave the weight room until shortly before I got there to kick them out at 8:50. So I didn't get out of there as early as last night, but I'm so used to the routine now that it wasn't especially late either.

Dropped Max and Natalie off at daycare this morning. Those two goofballs were playing I Spy all the way there. Not that either of them seem to adhere to the rules too closely. For example:

Natalie: I spy with my little eye something that is... blue lake. No, I mean blue.

Max: Is it... that lake? (pointing at the lake to our right as we went over the bridge)

Natalie: No.

Max: Is it that lake? (pointing out the other side of the car)

Natalie: No.

Max: Which lake is it?

Natalie: It's uh... mountains!

Max: Mountains are mountains, not lakes!

I think I laughed the rest of the way to daycare.


Where would you go? What
would you do? If all that you
did remained unseen?

*     *     *

Would you haunt a house?
Lend a hidden hand? Or would
you just disappear?


morganna said...

An empty room, a
Breath of air, the drapes open
Unseen, she smiles.

Greg said...

@Morganna: hauntingly beautiful! In truth, I expect no less from you, but it's still a treat to read your carefully thought-out haiku.

@Marc: kind of feel I have to side with Max on that one, mountains are mountains :) I admire Natalie's resourcefulness in trying to cover up her slip of the tongue too.
I like that you've linked your two haiku this week and I think they pose a philosophical question with just a hint of melancholy coming into the second one. As a result, that's my favourite this week.

Twist and shout so loud
That everyone looks at you –
Or where you should be.


Spring rain drenches me,
Wet footprints are the only sign
That I am still here.

morganna said...

@Greg -- thank you for your kind words.

Marc said...

Morganna - truly lovely work here. Thank you for sharing this.

Greg - yeah, I was actually pretty proud of Max for calling Natalie on that one :)

Really like your final line in your first one and how it turns the previous two lines on their heads. Also like the imagery in your second, but I think your first is still my favorite this week.