Friday March 4th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: mutiny.

While at work this evening I discovered that the Friday night pickleball session had been cancelled in favour of a party to celebrate the end of a season of kids hockey (I'd guess in the range of six or seven year olds?). And that the players had been given no notice of this change.

I was already aware that the relationship between the players and the community centre was fairly prickly, to be kind. This... this did not help things.

Thankfully nobody took it out on me too badly, but it still wasn't much fun waiting for the next wave of them to arrive to discover they had made the trip for nothing.


That they would reach a breaking point was inevitable. There had been too many disappointments, upsets, broken promises, and not nearly enough acts of reconciliation. We all knew this day would come.

We just never expected the seniors to storm the community centre and then refuse to ever leave.


Greg said...

I had never heard of pickleball before, and overall I think I prefer squash. And tennis. And probably badminton too :) Still, it sounds like the community centre made a poor decision to cancel one event for another without properly communicating that, and I hope someone at the top has to apologise!
Hah, nice work with today's piece though surely the seniors didn't have the energy to leave after storming the centre!

Captain Sandy Bottoms sat in the longboat and watched his ship, the Pink Daffodil, from a safe distance. At the other end of the boat, writing maudlin poetry was his first mate, Bobby Shaftoe.
"Well Bobby," said Captain Bottoms, "how long do you reckon this mutiny will last then?"
"Right up until they find out about the ghosts," said Bobby, not looking up.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, it's not bad to watch the better players for a while but I'm not particularly interested in trying it myself. My preference would be squash as well.

Ah, so nice to revisit Sandy and Bobby, even if they're not currently on the Pink Daffodil. Though from the sound of things, that won't be for long... hah!