Saturday March 5th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that is: massive.

Earlier this week Max was invited to a birthday party for one of the kids at daycare, so that's where he and I spent most of this afternoon. I was expecting more daycare kids there but it was just Max, the birthday boy, and one other boy - the other seven or eight kids were... I don't actually know how to classify them. From other sources? Sure.

Max stuck close to me for pretty much the whole time, but there were enough new and interesting toys for him to explore that I think he still had fun. That's what he told me afterward, at any rate.

This morning we seeded broccoli and cabbage in the greenhouse. The onions we seeded a couple weeks back have come up nicely, and in another couple weeks we'll be getting into tomatoes and peppers.

Ah, spring. You are nearly here.


Life was coming along fine,
Felt like nothing could hold me back.
Then one morning I woke up
And had a massive heart attack...


Greg said...

Max must be popular at daycare then! Though when you talk about "daycare kids" it makes me think of "homeschooled kids" or "bursary kids" – it sounds oddly like they're second-class citizens of some kind. I'm not sure why :)
Sounds like the garden is coming along too!
I like the jauntiness of your poem, though the last line is a bit of a downer ;-)

This shotgun marriage isn't working,
He's massive and ignores me,
So I've found a plant that causes heart attacks,
And put it in his tea.

[I thought I'd show the other half of your scene]

Marc said...

Greg - I'm fairly certain he's well liked there, he's got that sort of personality.

Hah, that was an unexpected continuation. Nicely done :)