Friday September 16th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: a hairstyle.

Shaved this morning, haircuts with Max this afternoon. I'm all set for my final farmers market of the year tomorrow morning.

I'll be bringing lots of apples (14 crates of Ambrosia, 7 crates of Aurora, 4.5 crates of Spartan, 2 crates of Mutsu, and 2 crates of Salish), along with four crates of plums. Oh, and a small basket of garlic. And what's left of my greeting cards and photography prints.

Hopefully the rain holds off until the afternoon. Or customers are at least undeterred by its presence.


Before we left the house this afternoon Max informed me (and Kat confirmed that he'd told her the same thing this morning) that he wanted a different haircut than he usually got. I said that was perfectly fine, though I had no idea what our hairdresser would do with his fairly short, extremely straight hair.

When we got there and informed her of what he wanted - something different but he wasn't sure what, just whatever she could do - someone suggested a mohawk.

Thankfully he vetoed that one (he doesn't like the electric razor) and she ended up doing a pretty similar haircut, but put some product in there and spiked it up a little bit at the end - I actually really like the way it looks (so does Max), so we might have to buy some stuff to put in his hair every now and again.


Greg said...

That's a nice amount of stuff to take to the market. I noticed (I'm late again) that you didn't say if you brought much of it back though; I'm hoping you sold all the fruis at least :) And the garlic, garlic's fantastic.
I am going to offer guarded admiration that you managed to write three paragraphs with only four sentences, I'm going to eye you dubiously, wondering if you were hoping we'd challenge you on writing so much so that you could gleefully point out that there are only four sentences there, and I'm going to mutter "show-off" under my breath when I think you're not listening :)
I actually like Mohawks (I had a small one for a while, much to the consternation of my coworkers; apparantly I looked like Travis Bickle. But it sounds like you've got the best of all worlds: a hairstyle you all like and a it's cheap to get and manage!

She keeps the metallic papers from the hairstyling in her hair permanently as they act like antennae and make it easier to hear the voices. When the storm-clouds gather overhead the voices tell her that they are hiding the ships that are studying the earth, evaluating the population. They use technical terms she's not familiar with: Pearson's coefficient derived from a multinomial distribution, Two-tailed confidence intervals of intellectual degeneration, Bovines are clearly the dominant mammalian species; she writes them down and hides them because the voices warn her that being taken seriously would be worse than being thought a kook.
The first lightning strike is a revelation.

Nicole said...

Aw, you got my hopes up for a second! I just shaved back my Mohawk to a Chelsea, I needed to give my scalp a break. I get more head rubs this way also! :-) But yeah I use more styling products with the hawk than any other hairstyle I've ever had.

Marc said...

Greg - I brought a fair amount of it back. It was a pretty slow, cold, wet market, so people didn't come out in big numbers for it unfortunately.

Haha, I know I was pushing the four line limit pretty hard. Thanks for letting me get away with it :P

In my head, picturing a mohawk on you makes you look exactly like Travis Bickle :)

I like pretty much everything about yours. I wasn't sure about your ending at first, but then I decided that it was not the end for her, merely the start of a new phase of paranoia!

Nicky - sorry :(

Maybe next time? I should show him a picture of yours - that might get him up for it!