Tuesday September 20th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the boys are back in town.

Kat got back to her counselling work this morning. In order to give her the space required, I took Max and Miles into town. It was the first time on my own with the both of them away from the farm.

We ended up at the park where we happened to run into some friends. Max did pretty well playing on his own until it was time to bring his little brother back home for milk. Afterward, as Miles was still awake, I brought them back into town again - this time for a walk/stroller ride/bike ride along the lake.

Definitely challenging but good to spend some time out of the house with the both of them.

Tomorrow I start my first of four straight 8 until close shifts at the bakery. Sleep... might be an idea worth investigating at this point.


The boys are back and
they're gonna be trouble - so
lock up your daughters

*     *     *

Empty, frightened streets
keep a close eye on the pub;
last call is coming


morganna said...

Strutting down the street
A-glitter and a-swirl, the
Queen of drag is back.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I can picture that perfectly. Back in London there are a lot of drag queens and some of their acts are absolutely hilarious. There was one who was dressed up as Amy Winehouse and singing her Rehab song; halfway through she reaches up and opens a small door in her wig and pulls out a bottle of vodka!

@Marc: Sounds like you're stepping out of your comfort zone regularly :) That's a good thing!
I think I like your first haiku slightly better this week, but your second one describes UK town centres on a Saturday night perfectly....

The boys are back in town
The crossword clue read:
"Tsyob Own". Well clearly, the
Boys are back in Town.

Ladies, now rejoice!
The war is over and the
Boys are back in town.

Marc said...

Morganna - hah, nice twist on the prompt :D

Greg - thanks!

Hmm, tough choice between yours. Clever first one. A story's worth in your second. Hmm. I'll pick your first as my fav this week, but it's rather obviously a close race.