Friday September 9th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something (or someone) that is: shortsighted.

Worked the evening shift at the community centre tonight, 4:30 to 9. At 7:30 there was no one else in the building and I started dreaming of locking up at 8:30 and being home by 8:45. I even passed some time shooting hoops in the gym.

Then one guy showed up to use the weight room at 7:50.

I had to kick him out at 8:45 but by that point I'd already done everything but lock up the weight room and turn off the lights in the gym, so I was still home by 9. Which begins to make up for all those times I stayed until 9:15 or 9:30 when I was first learning the job.

Anyway. Looking forward to a day off with family tomorrow.


"And there we go, I've finally brought us back under budget - all I had to do was fire all of my military advisors."

"You did WHAT?!"

"Useless bunch of idiots, all of them... plus I'm not going to declare war on anyone ever again."

"But, sir... what if someone declares war on us?"


Greg said...

Well, although I appreciate your dreams of an early departure, getting the weight room to yourself is a joy so I think the latecomer was probably really happy. And I like the fact you could shoot some hoops in the gym while you waited to see if anyone was coming!
Haha, I really like the approach your narrator has taken today, and I'm completely on their side. No more military advisers. If anyone declares war we'll surrender :)

"Mavis, what happened to my glasses?"
"We sent them to charity, Derek, along with most of your clothes, that stack of crayon-scrawled magazines you claimed were your memoirs, and your children."
"But why, Mavis?"
"Because the company assassins accidentally blinded you when they apprehended you and we didn't want the glasses to go to waste, obviously...."

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I've been that guy before. I liked working out right before closing when I was in university because the weight room was always quietest then.

Ah, I feel like it has been a while since we've last heard from these two. Thanks for bringing them back around for a visit. Even if things seem to still be going horrifically wrong for dear Derek...