Saturday September 17th, 2016

The exercise:

This week our four line poems get to ponder this question: where are we going?

Endured a rainy market in Penticton today. Still did fairly well, considering, but I would have much preferred if the weather had been a little more pleasant.

Ah well, that's done for the year. Now to focus on other things.


Wake up, get out of bed,
Feet hit the floor, it's full speed ahead;
Don't think, no time for slowing,
Or even asking, Where are we going?


Greg said...

I guess the weather is one of those things you just have to learn to accept though? Or starting attending indoor markets intead :)
Hah, I suspect your poem describes your morning perfectly -- it definitely seems like you'd have needed to do this to stop yourself relaxing back into the warmth of the sheets and blankets and falling asleep again.

Where are we going?
The road is as straight as an arrow now (but where are we going?),
The engine is giving us its all (why are we never slowing?)
Freedom is at the end of this road (Look me in the eye, I think you're lying)
The voices will never bother us again (Fool! You can't escape us just by dying!)

Brittany Ollvierre said...

Where am I going?
Hope fully some where good
Where the weather is warm and the sea breeze blows
Where everything goes as it should go

Marc said...

Greg - farming and bad weather should have taught me acceptance by now. It hasn't, but you'd think it would...

That's an excellent double poem! I am very impressed.

Brittany - hello and welcome to the blog! (Apologies if I've already welcomed you - I've been so sporadic with my comment replies that it's hard to keep track of new faces some times)

I like the optimism of your poem :) I hope that you end up in such a place too!