Tuesday September 13th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the treasure hunt.

Spent most of the afternoon in the yard with Max. Started off just playing but then we transitioned to doing some much needed weeding. He had a blast and we got stuff done, so I'll call that a win-win.

No local orders today. We sent out a final email last week telling people what we'll have available from now until the end of the season and to get in touch if they want anything. Nobody wanted anything this week.

I am good with that.


If I just follow
the clues, like all of them, how
can I get there first?

*     *     *

This requires a
shortcut or two. Who shall I
sacrifice for gold?


Greg said...

I don't know how you turned a treasure hunt into weeding, but I'm impressed. Keep that one up and you'll raise the most industrious person ever!
I can't actually choose between your haiku this week; both are good, both make a very good point, and I think I've considered both options before now as well :) And they're both just so pragmatic... definitely a tie this time.

The treasure hunt
Golden treasure hides
In cases of white and brown,
Eat your boiled egg!

Pirates came here once.
Autumn clouds leak rain, you win!
You found... booby-trap.

Marc said...

Greg - hah. Max doesn't require much encouragement to get work done. Usually, anyway. Sometimes he does get caught up in whatever he's playing and isn't interested in helping me do some work. But I suppose he isn't even 4 yet, so there's time to fix that :P

Tough to choose between yours this week as well. I really like the final line of your first one though... so I think I shall declare it the winner!