Tuesday September 6th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the dreamer.

Work this evening went very smoothly. The gym was empty by 8:15, I finally noticed the weight room was empty just before 8:30, and then I just had to wait for the photography club meeting to end at 8:45 before I could finish closing up.

So of course they ran late. Not excessively, but still. I was otherwise ready to go by 8:35.

Between not going to the market on Saturday, only having one local order to deal with today, and working at the community centre this evening, I'm having trouble keeping the days straight. I keep forgetting that I have to work at the bakery tomorrow morning.

I suppose I should set my alarm(s) now...


He spends all day with
his head in the clouds - watch out!
Lightning incoming...

*     *     *

It starts with counting
sheep, you see. And then the real
wonders take over.


morganna said...

Off in a dream daze
Thinking hard but not present
Or here with the world.

Greg said...

@Morganna: That middle line really catches the essence of a dreamer for me; that's exactly how I feel when someone interrupts me and asks me why I'm not doing anything. I am, they just don't see it!

@Marc: I find myself wondering how the various clubs might interact -- I have this vision now of the photography club standing around in the weight room using fishing line to arrange and suspend the weights so they can have pictures of invisible weightlifters. Or possibly you getting called to the changing rooms to get the photography club out of there because the weightlifters want to shower in peace... :-D
Good luck with the alarms, too!

Your first haiku is definitely my favourite today, because of that last line. I love it when lightning strikes!

The dreamer
Making all his dreams come true
With words of power.

This world of nightmares
Makes him laugh like a small child
I wish I could wake.

Marc said...

Morganna - I really like your first two lines, though I think your final line could use a bit of work to keep it in the elite company of the lines that come before. Your second line is definitely my favorite though!

Greg - hah! Thankfully we keep them well separated :)

Really like your second haiku this week. Very creepy. Tempted to ask for more to go with it, but pretty sure I'd sleep better if I don't.