Friday March 17th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the jackal.

Bakery was more of the same today, just two loaves to put in the freezer, along with four croissants. Spring break is starting for schools here in BC tomorrow, so we'll see if things manage to sell all the way out.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I really enjoy working at the bakery. We're friends in the back, always laughing and having a good time together. And the vast majority of customers are happy and appreciative of the goods for sale.

Plus we get to listen to whatever music we want to (within reason during opening hours).

The work can be hard and the hours long, but it's everything else about being there that serves to keep bringing me back, week after week.


I like me life. You go on and judge me all ya like, ya hear? This job suits me just fine, thank ya very much.

Now quit ya gripin' and hand over ya bloody wallet already, yeah?


Greg said...

Spring break already? I think I might have missed February happening somehow, in fact I'm reasonably sure I didn't see Valentine's day go past. Oh well, I hope you sell out of everything then!
The bakery sounds fun, and I like the qualifier "within reason" about the music. I guess you veto Lady Gaga and someone else veto's Slayer and everyone stays sort of happy?
I could imagine your words today coming out of the mouth of a real jackal on one of those wildlife shows where the animals are given human voices and personalities, so I think you've succeeded nicely! Now, can I have my wallet back please, Mr. Jackal?

The jackal
Wepwawet stood on a broken-off marble pillar, his bow in his hands and his pointed ears pricked, listening to the wind. The howls of the dispossessed came in from the North and the East but he remained statue-still, waiting for the approach of his prey. Only when the royal princess, leading her cadre of treasure-hunters and looters, came into the market square did he move. As she stared in shock the arrow from his bow took her in her throat, royal blood fountained outwards, and the ways were opened.

Marc said...

Greg - well we're in May now (supposedly), so who knows what's happening with the months this year?

Thank you for the link, as I always enjoy reading about Egyptian mythology. And it really helped to illuminate your piece as well, which was of course excellent stuff.