Sunday March 12th, 2017

The exercise:

Write something about: beauty and the beast.

A friend of ours runs the drama club at the local high school and I'm sure you can guess which play they're putting on this year. They've been rehearsing and preparing since October for their three shows this weekend. Becky got everyone on the farm tickets for Christmas, so we all went this afternoon to check it out.

It was very well done and all the kids did a great job. Max liked some of his first play experience - though he was not a fan of the darkness during set changes, nor did he like how loud it got when more than a couple people were singing at the same time. But he was interested enough in the tale that I think we're going to try to track down the original, animated version to watch together.

Miles seemed to like the whole thing, really.

I... apparently was so exhausted by the whole experience that I fell asleep before completing this post. 



Lady on his left,
Lady on his right -
Oh man, isn't his
Future looking bright?

"Wait - those two?
With that guy?"
Just goes to show you
What money can buy...


Greg said...

The play sounds interesting, though I'm not sure I'd ever thought of that tale as being one for the stage. Just goes to show, of course! I also wouldn't have expected it to be a musical, but maybe that's the Disney influence creeping in -- certainly there's no singing in the original story! And it wore you out, so it must have been good :)
Haha, I love how the second verse completely reverses the story of the first. Nice work!

Beauty and the Beast
"Look Harry," said Hermione as they trudged through the long wet grass. "I think this is a really bad idea. Hagrid specifically told you that he didn't want to be disturbed this evening. You should let him have some alone time. I just-"
"Oh shut up!" Harry didn't look up, looking where he was putting his feet was much more important in wizarding meadows like this one. Almost every child in the dormitories had lost shoes to the razorgrass, and some of them had lost feet. Ron had lost four feet, a hand and a good piece of his leg after losing control of his broom during quidditch a few times. "Hagrid's my friend and I can go and visit him whenever I want!"
"You're such... such a child, Harry!" Hermione's rage bubbled up inside her and as she vented she slipped her wand from her pocket. "You're so bloody retarded! You got the lowest grade in Potions this year, your essays look like you wrote them using a crayon and you make up the spellings of words even when you know them, and Professor Flitwick said that if you don't drop charms he's going to feed you to the Mandrakes. You're pathetic!"
"Buh...." Harry's eyes were wide, staring at Hermione in shock, and he stopped moving. Hermione's wand moved like a snake.
"Tabula Rasa!" she said, going nearly cross-eyed with the effort of the spell. For a moment there was a nimbus of light around Harry's head and then his usual bovinely obstinate expression reasserted itself. His mind had been wiped.
"I'm going to see Hagrid," he said, putting his head down and trudging on.
Hermione turned back, deciding she'd wait for him to return. Tonight was Beauty and the Beast night: Hagrid had a lady-friend over and Harry would only go and walk in on them for the fourth time this term. When he came running out, screaming like a banshee, she'd need to wipe his mind again.
"Miss Granger," said a soft voice behind her, and she turned to see Professor Snape floating in midair, an amused smirk on his lips. "Sooner or later you're going to wipe all his intelligence from his brain. What will you do then?"
"Marry him," she said with determination.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, it was definitely Disney inspired. And I have to admit that I've never read or heard the original.

Haha, oh my goodness. This is perfect in so many ways. You manage to totally nail all the characters while putting a delightful new spin on things. Totally love that Hermione just blows up at Harry and then wipes his memory of the blow up. That seems... like an ability that would come in *very* handy in real life.