Saturday March 18th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that has been: uprooted.

Crazy busy morning at the bakery. Ended up closing about an hour early, as all I had left was one piece of carrot cake and one ciabatta loaf.

Still took me another hour to get out of there, as I'd pretty much done zero cleaning at that point.

Looking forward to a day off with family tomorrow.


Excavator digs, lifts, tears;
Apple tree roots reach for the sky -
Making way for fine wine grapevines,
As today's taste buds have passed them by


Greg said...

Carrot cake sounds nice! I made walnut-cranberry flapjacks this weekend, and they are pretty tasty too.
It might be my preferences but I think there's an air of sadness about your poem today, not least because I prefer apple trees to grapevines. Though I suppose they both provide fruit and alcoholic drinks, so there's a sense in replacing one by the other.

They tore down the whole street with diggers,
Ripped up the cobbles and the paving stones.
They started a diaspora of plague-rats
Uprooted from their subterranean homes.

morganna said...

Pack it all up
Into the boxes it goes
New house, new neighborhood,
New life.

Marc said...

Greg - the bakery's carrot cake is legitimately amazing. People tell us it's the best they've ever had quite regularly.

Also: do you have my mailing address? Because I want some of those flapjacks next time you make some.

I'm always saddened whenever I see a fruit orchard being ripped up so that more grapevines can be planted. I guess that's where the money is right now, but I still don't like seeing it.

Hah, I was not expecting your final two lines after you set the scene with your opening two. Really well done, as usual.

Morganna - ah, an excellent interpretation and take on the prompt. I think you really captured the upheaval of a move with this one.