Tuesday March 21st, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: pride.

Dealt with a migraine for most of the day, so that made things... unpleasant. The rain didn't help much either.

Finally got out of the house mid-afternoon to take the boys for a walk around the farm. That helped everyone, I think, and it was a reasonable temperature despite the clouds. Plus the rain was kind enough to ease off for a while.

Back to the bakery tomorrow. Hopefully without too much of a migraine hangover.


It has been said that
pride goeth before the fall.
So... I guess we wait?

*     *     *

She is overly
fond, I think, of her massive
poodle collection


Greg said...

A migraine doesn't sound like much of a way to spend a day off! I am glad that you eventually got out and got some fresh air then :)

I think I prefer your second haiku better today, because I'm choosing to read it as "massive-poodle collection" rather than massive collection of poodles.

Violent lions
Advance as a group. This pride
Never lose a fight.

It seems that massive
Toy poodles can beat lions.
You wouldn't think it...

Marc said...

Greg - hahahaha, massive-poodle collection was not intended, but now that is the way it shall be interpreted forever more!

Amazing acrostic. Just... top notch :)