Tuesday March 14th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: pie.

Spent the day with the boys. Max didn't want to go to StrongStart or Parent and Tot, so we mostly hung out around the house and around the farm. Weather was cloudy and grey and misty, so it was not my most favorite of days.

Back to the bakery tomorrow. Oh, the helping of friends thing ended up falling through, so I guess today was the other half of my weekend?



Which do I like best?
Oh, no, I couldn't possib-
Pumpkin. It's pumpkin.

*     *     *

Would I like a slice?
No, but thank you for asking...
Just give me a fork.


Greg said...

Your weather sounds lovely, the kind that Malta never gets! I hope you enjoyed your partial weekend, for all it was unexpected :)
I think I like your second haiku better today, but the enthusiasm in the first is wonderful. I prefer apple, lemon meringue, blackberry, pear,... anything with fruit in really!

Simple Simon met
A pieman -- and murdered him.
He laughed a lot too.

Stargazy pie scares me.
The fish gaze upwards, dreaming
Of killing humans.

morganna said...

Warm and gooey from
Oven's heat, perfect circle,
Ready for dessert.

Three point one four one ...
The story of a circle
Never ends ... five one ...

Heather Patrick said...

When I think of pie
I think of moms homemade pie..
Apple, it's apple.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, only a month and a half behind on comments. I guess I have to get working on this backlog eventually so... here we go!

Thank you! And your second haiku is as terrifying as the pie it describes, so well done on that :)

Morganna - ooh, tough to choose between your two. The first makes me hungry, while the second is just so well done... hmm, perhaps the second is my fav this week.

Heather - love it! A beautifully shared memory, while also referencing one of my haiku - consider me impressed :)