Friday March 24th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the rat.

Rainy day made for a slower day at the bakery. 15 loaves, 5 croissants, 5 cinnamon buns, 5 baguettes, 5 ciabatta loaves, and a focaccia into the freezer (man, that's a lot of fives... surprised I didn't notice that before now).

Ah well, hopefully Saturday and sunshine make for better business.


"Hey, what are the cops doing here?"

"Aw, man - we haven't even done anything yet!"

"You mean we haven't done anything, nor will we be doing anything."

"Right, yeah... but as soon as they get bored and leave it looks like we've got a rat to take care of."


Greg said...

I rather like all the fives :)
I like how, in only four lines, your characters move from light-hearted to serious with business to take care of. Nicely done!

The rat
The prison cell was austere: water-stained concrete walls and floor, a metal sink firmly attached to the wall, a hole in the floor for a toilet and an aggressive, smelly cell-mate with the teeth of a meth-addict (in his pocket). Carlos found that after the first couple of days he quite liked it. And it was justified, he had released a pack of rats into the wild, genetically engineered so that their urine contained a chemical that sterilised any human that ingested it, effectively guaranteeing the end of the species. He lay back on the lower bunk and waited for the end to come.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, me too!

And thanks :)

I think that bit in brackets is my favorite part of yours. Perhaps that's due in part to me ignoring Carlos' rather horrific act?