Tuesday March 7th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: debt.

It snowed again today.

I think it's high time we're done with that nonsense.


"It is time that I
collect on what you owe me."
Pay the bill? Or run?

*     *     *

A bigger house, a
brand new car - I want them both.
You owe me, daughter.


morganna said...

I can't pay, can't get
On top of it, I'm dying
Under this huge debt.

What part of give me
Your money or your life did
You not understand?

morganna said...

Fun fact: Did you know that debt is an old English word but it was originally spelled det? 15th century hipsters were so cool, they Frenchified many English words by adding extra letters. One word they changed was det into debt with the extra 'b'. I think it's fascinating that det and bet look and sound so similar.

Greg said...

@Morganna: Your second haiku wins it for me today, and I wish I'd written it first! Great work :) I'm also impressed by your fun fact -- English has a long history of things like that, and it makes me smile to hear how our ancestors made the language harder and harder to learn.

@Marc: Snow! You're so lucky :)
It's a tough choice between your haiku today, but I think the first one just edges into first place for me. The ingratitude of the second one is very appealing, but the link the first one makes to a previous post (the eat-and-run piece) gives it the prize.

Dues are to be paid
Early this month, or we will
Break your piggy-bank...

Tears are for babies.
Owing us money is not
Respectable, now.

Marc said...

Morganna - appreciate your first haiku, both for it being an acrostic and because I can relate all too well these days.

And thank you for sharing that tidbit! I was quite unaware of that.

Greg - hah :P

And thank you for the kind words on mine :)

Ah, back to the six letter acrostic haiku I see. Well played, sir. And each of them stand so well on their own too! I think I like the second best, but only just.