Monday March 20th, 2017

The exercise:

Write about something that is: nigh.

Spent the morning with the boys and actually managed to get a few errands done. With StrongStart off the options menu for the duration of spring break, I'm hoping for warmer weather to allow for more outdoor time.

We ended up at the park for maybe half an hour just before lunch, but the wind made me feel like I was pushing it. The boys didn't seem to mind though.


Currently things are not
Happening the way that I would like.
Although it may be true that
Nothing comes easy and
Getting used to new things is hard,
Everything must evolve.


Greg said...

I feel like you're dropping hints with your poem today, but not enough to let me guess exactly what. I know it can't be pregnancy this time, and it's probably not the seasons affecting you. So I'll guess: Shannon has decided that baking isn't enough of a challenge and is building a genuine gingerbread cottage on Main Street and has asked you to grow warts, learn to cackle and be a wicked witch.
I'm sure you'll do a great job ;-)
Great acrostic by the way!

"Aha! There's a wave off of the starboard bow, Captain Nigh!"
The captain stared at his first mate, who was holding the telescope the wrong way round, and wondered if he was drunk. Again.
"I don't care about waves," he said. "I care about the great white sail. I care about the one that got away, the yacht of yachts, the magnificant she-boat taken from me by the devilish Jack Jones."
"Call me Fishmeal!" said the first mate. He belched, and a smell of fermented kelp engulfed Captain Nigh.
"No," he said coldly.
"You should care about waves, Cap'n," said Fishmeal waving the telescope excitedly. "There's lots of them!"
"We're at sea you imbecile," said Nigh. "There are always plenty of waves here. It's a bloody renewable resource, like sunlight."
"Aha!" said Fishmeal triumphantly. "But these waves are the wake of the great white sail itself! Follow them and we will find the great she-boat of your dreams. Your very wet dreams, Captain."
There was a long silence while the rest of the crew pretended they hadn't heard that.
"Stay out of my cabin," said Nigh at last.

Marc said...

Greg - I was indeed dropping hints, about things only one of which have come to pass, despite all this passing of time (the new job with the town). The other... will have to wait a little longer, I suppose.

Um, good guess, by the way. And... no.

This scene made me smile pretty much from start to finish. And I hope that this will be continued at some point :D