Friday February 16th, 2018

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the year of the dog.

Happy Chinese New Year!


Greg said...

Normally I see some signs of Chinese New Year when it happens, but here in Kiev it's been invisible. I guess that means there's not much of a Chinese community here anywhere. Still, Happy Chinese New Year :)

The Year of the Dog
"I think you're taking this whole 'Year of the Dog' thing too far, Michael."
"I don't. And anyway, you like doggy-style."
"Yes, but the whole 'only doing it twice a year' thing does not sound good to me at all..."

Anonymous said...

greg: ha!
mine is a bit longer today...

The Year of the Dog
Paper lanterns in red and gold floated up to the sky at night, towards a moon that couldn’t be seen for it was “new”, and in eclipse as well. (That doesn’t bode well for setting the stage of this year).
Fireworks followed and everyone in the street cheered with “ahhhs” as each one bettered their predecessor.
Some folk came in costume, dressed up as dogs - all sorts of breeds, from tiny to gi-normous.

Dog, dog, hm, it’s all about friendship, loyalty and protection - they’re the qualities in this Year of the Dog. If you happened to be born in the next twelve months from this day, you’re expected to display such qualities. It’s in the astrology, you see, but all I could think of was “beware of the bite”. Hm, I don’t much care for the species - all the slovenliness, the drool, the... I don’t want to say what else here. I’m more of a “cat” person, myself. Now, if it was the Year of the Cat (or some call it Rabbit, although I can’t see the connection), I’d go on about independence, self-worth and beauty, now, wouldn’t I? They’re cat-traits, with none of the unmentionables left out drying on the lawn to clug up the mower on mowing day, ugh!

Maybe they should invent a Year of the Bird - yeah, that’d be fun. Create a thirteenth sign like one should if truly following the moon, dress it up in feathers of rainbow colours like a lorikeet and fly around erratically chatting to all who’ll listen - then again, no one likes that much of an extrovert. It might be a bit much.

Anyhow, the Year of the Rooster is over until 2029. I wonder if another cocky president will be on the podium, then, too?

Marc said...

Greg - yes, it was much more prevalent in Vancouver, as one might expect. I'm mostly aware of it through friends on Facebook this year.

Now there's a year of the dog I can get behind...

I'm sorry, I'll see myself out.

Dragonfly - I like your year of the bird idea. Also: that's a fantastic final line :D