Sunday February 25th, 2018

The exercise:

Write about: augmented reality.

Inspired by this globe we got Max a few weeks ago.


Greg said...

I was almost sure you'd mentioned that globe before, but when I went back to posts at Christmas and Max's birthday it wasn't there. So maybe I'm imagining things?
For today I'm going back nearly ten years to this. So... I guess you turn 40 this year, Marc?

Augmented Reality
Oh dear, Vanity
Has visited me again.

I gaze into the mirror and make a wish....

Wrinkles fade and flesh reaffirms
Its youthful glow. Gray hairs
Shrink to nothing and I feel my
Health is all restored.

I breathe easily as I haven't in ten years.

Wounds close and heal as this
Augmented vision un-perceives them;
Surgeons throw down scalpels in frustration.

But it's all a lie I'm telling myself.
Each blemish erased only happens in an
Artificial space of digital reactions where
Unembodied intelligences have randomly generated
Thoughts. Athena may rage and hurl
Insults against my beauty, but she's as
Fake as all the rest of us in here.
Uncover my eyes, that I may see the unaugmented world,
Let me die my own way, at my own pace.

[Athena gets referenced as one of the three goddesses who fought over the golden apple engraved "for the most beautiful"]

morganna said...

She imagines herself into other lives
Thinking she can belong
At last, but all her efforts will never
Lead to love.
Kindness can kill when backed by
Ever-frustrated desire.
Real love is elusive when you watch from afar.

Marc said...

Greg - you were looking for this:

That's a much lower tech, less educational version of what we just got him. We're letting Miles play with the old one now :)

Yup, barrelling headfirst toward 40. It's still nearly 10 months away though, so never mind all that...

That's a wonderful continuation of your long ago post, as well as a hell of an acrostic. I am very impressed sir.

Morganna - speaking of excellent acrostics... well done, milady. It's hard to pick a favorite line, as so many of them are so great, but that finisher is perfection.