Friday February 23rd, 2018

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: spinning.


Greg said...

Stumbling and spinning -- is this the result of a hangover, by any chance? Or is it symptomatic of the country's shock after this?.

"Darling," said the Queen setting down the newspaper, "there's a sale on: Rumplestiltskins are three-for-two."
"Don't we have to pay them one child per hayrick they spin into gold?"
"Yes," said the Queen, "but they're not fussy about the children, and a small war with, say, Humpty-Dumpty will result in a few thousand orphans."
"I have been wanting a solid-gold set of kennels for the dogs," mused the King.

Anonymous said...


Tossing and turning all night long,
My mind won’t stop spinning.
From did I turn the iron off?
To what is the meaning of life?
...All in the space of nanoseconds.
Will you just Stop! Please?
I’m human, I need my rest.
The body is willing but the brain is in overdrive.

It’s worse than the snowboarding Olympians
... at least they have a reason for spinning.

Marc said...

Greg - I don't even need to hover over that link to know where it leads. It was definitely a surprise, but not as much of a shock as it would have been had NHL players been involved. As it was, bronze for that group was a pretty solid accomplishment.

Fun take on the prompt. And... I'm not sure that's a sale I'd want to take advantage of.

Dragonfly - I was spinning like this a few nights ago. Doesn't happen to me often but when it does it is misery incarnate.

Also: enjoyed the reference to the snowboarding Olympians :)