Tuesday February 13th, 2018

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: elephants.


Greg said...

Yesterday I realised that Russian sometimes just changes the case the words are in instead of applying a preposition, which explains some occasional confusion I've had about trying to find the right preposition to express something. (The other problem is that Russian, more than any other language I've learned, is as bad as English about which preposition to use. Trying to work out "for" requires me usually to run through 5 options.)

Skiing elephants
Have brightened the Olympics...
They go curling next!

Broken ivory
Lines the graveyard's path. Tears flow
Down wrinkled grey trunks.

Anonymous said...

greg: crying over the second one

Elephants 2 haiku

baby stuck in chains
circuses of old did wrong,

their memories of
generations, elephants
teach us history

morganna said...

Loving, grey, and kind
Living in family groups
Lolling across the grass

Lurking danger looms
Lions, humans, fire, and storm
Life is not easy.

Marc said...

Greg - me and my fragments of French and German over here are just going to be impressed with your Russian, at whatever level you end up being.

Oof, that second one packs a punch, particularly after the light setup of the first. Nicely done.

Dragonfly - your second one is really beautiful, I like the sentiment and how well you conveyed it.

Morganna - llllllovely work :)