Tuesday February 20th, 2018

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: working out.


Marc said...

I got a free employee pass for the community centre when I started getting my weekly Friday night shifts. Somehow it has taken until today for me to make use of it, as I returned to the weight room for the first time in... uh, it's been a while.

Anyway. Kinda feel like I should chip in on this one.


I know that muscles
grow through tear and repair but
that sounds quite unfair

How about instead
I get stronger by staying
in bed and eating?

Greg said...

I think the important thing about the weight room is actually the returning to it every once in a while. Unless you've got a secret ambition to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (and I feel I should point out that this isn't going to help your new assassin career much) it's best to think of it a treat for yourself rather than a necessary evil :)
And you should definitely chip in on these prompts. It's your blog :-P
I like how you link the haiku together, and the rhyming in the first, and the matter-of-factness of both of them, and the fact that the acronym this time (Igth! Ii!) are the sounds you made when trying to lift the weights. Excellent work!

Working out
Marriage just isn't
Us. This isn't working out.
Start over again.

Comfort me. Broken
Love cuts to the bone. In the
End, it too works out.

morganna said...

Nurse gone, hunger strike
Done. Will the new nurse work out?
Let's wait and see now.

Marc said...

Greg - other important thing: making sure to not overdo it so badly on your first visit that you're too sore to contemplate going for another month (or year). I am happy to report that I (just) managed to do this.

Hah, thanks :)

Ooh, hard to pick a favorite here. The first, I'll say, but only slightly. Also: nicely done with your acrostic!

Morganna - hah, happy to see this continuation :)