Monday February 19th, 2018

The exercise:

Write about: impact.


Greg said...

Hmm, there's a definite theme unfolding in your prompts. Are you sure you're not assassinating people as a new job? Although, thinking about it, a Canadian hitman would be easy to identify the nationality of because they'd leave little business cards on the corpse that read "I'm sorry, you were slightly in the way."

The dull shot impacted the blue-sparking tumbleweed and somehow drew all the sparks inwards, folding them tightly around itself. Flakes of something, the sepia colour of old straw, drifted away and fluttered to the ground. The man in the trenchcoat watched from the ground, the catapult drawn back for another shot and his eyes narrowed and focused.

Snake edged around the shack: out of the lee of the generator (which was now rocking unstably on its concrete blocks) the wind was pressing him painfully hard against the corrugated iron walls. It felt like he was scraping himself over it and his spine was already aching like a team of trainee chiropractors had been using it for their introductory course. The corner of the shack was the worst: the metal sheeting there was jagged and sharp and he felt it rip through his jacket and t-shirt. Then he was round the corner and suddenly there was nothing to stop the wind blowing him over.

"I wish Snake hadn't cut the power," said Sberychev. He had sat down again. "The oasis and its Fourier transform will be drawn irrevocably together until they explode, and without direct access to power that's going to be messy." He looked around. "Now would be a good time for someone to ask me what that means," he said into the silence.

The man in the trenchcoat stood up, bracing himself against the roaring tumult of the wind. The Genii was transfixed, held in place by the strange shot from the catapult. As the man put the catapult back in his pocket the corner of his eye caught movement, and he turned just in time to have Snake slam into him, blown off his feet by the wind. They both slammed, in turn, into the truck, which rocked slightly under the impact, and then carried on rocking as the wind hammered at it.

The Tesseract drifted, invisibly to all the people on the ground, over towards Snake and the man in the trenchcoat. Trenchcoat had his hands around Snake's throat, and Snake was retaliating by trying to gouge out Trenchcoat's eyes. The oasis closed the distance to its Fourier Transform to less than five metres, and the rage of the wind reached hurricane intensity. The Tesseract bumped into the Genii, knocking it through the air. It ignored the wind and the battle, and drifted into the black-and-white oasis while there was still just over a metre between the two oases. The dull shot sparkled the instant it touched the black-and-white entity, being undone in precisely the same way that it had been undoing the Genii. It disintegrated into a puff of dust like someone blowing on a dandelion clock and the blue sparks of the Genii exploded back outwards as the oases collided.
The wind dropped as though it had never been blowing at all; sand and dust fell out of the air as though bidden so by the command of some powerful god. The Genii writhed in the combining oases and a groaning, screaming sound of tortured metal filled the now-still air. Trenchcoat stopped struggling to choke Snake and threw him off his bloodied and scratched face a mask of dismay, and Snake rolled along the ground until he abruptly disappeared.

"This isn't a taxi-service," said Sberychev as Snake lay on the floor of the Tesseract and tried to breathe. "I'll be charging you for this."
"That... that would mean... this... was a bloody... taxi," coughed Snake.
"C-can we go home now?"
"We definitely don't want to be here," said Sberychev. "I think that Genii is going to be upset."

morganna said...

It's broken, no
Maybe about it. The
Pain is bad but what
About the
To my pride?

Anonymous said...

Bang! and Impact (combined prompt)

Brown eyes met blue,
For the first time ever.
Never been seen together before, and...

Hearts pumping, adrenalin rushing...
Two became One for a moment in eternity.
Their impact created a new Universe.

Marc said...

This is what I get for a) being more than a week behind on comments, and b) replying to comments when a scheduled post goes up. It must have gone up while I was on page 2 of the blog, then when I went to page 1 I didn't notice that the 19th had moved from 1 to 2.

Anyway, thank you to Greg for pointing out that I missed this one, as I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Greg - nah, I'm mostly using prompts that I hope will encourage you to continue this tale :D

I can't remember if this is where you left the story, but it would be a reasonable place to do so. For now, at least :P I feel like these two could have many fascinating adventures together!

Morganna - I hope this wasn't inspired by your son's toe. Either way, another fine acrostic from you.

Dragonfly - two prompts that could definitely be combined, and you did a lovely job of it. Can just imagine this scene :)