Saturday February 17th, 2018

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about a: cougar.

There were two cougars spotted in our neighborhood Thursday morning, one of which was shot after it came at somebody's dog a second time. The other hasn't been found yet.

We don't know anything for certain yet, but a conservation officer is coming to the farm tomorrow morning. So we should know shortly after that whether or not a cougar was responsible for the death of one of Becky's horses today.


Greg said...

I'm sorry to hear about the death of the horse, that's not good news. I imagine that you're fairly certain the cougar will have been responsible -- or at least you're hoping that there isn't some crazed horse-killer going around imitating wild animals. Slightly unsettling in a way, given that the prompt for yesterday was 'the year of the dog', so I hope that the dog is alright since it's too late to hope anything for the horse.

She's got a cougar tattooed across her breasts,
And a panther down the inside of each thigh.
And every time she agrees to get undressed
Someone screams "Please kill me, let me die!"

Anonymous said...

mine’s four paragraphs


Slim, sleek, dressed to kill
in faux leather and knee-high boots,
she was in for the hunt.

Twenty-somethings, still in college,
followed her ‘round,

One got lucky.
It didn’t matter
that she was forty
and he - half that.

He got his “Summer of ‘Forty-two”
and she - a dose of chlamydia.
You’d think she’d have had more sense.

Marc said...

Greg - there's been no further cougar trouble since then, so hopefully it's gone up the mountain and is doing its hunting in the wild now.

Those are... quite the tattoos. I pity the artist that had to ink them, I think. If the reaction to her getting undressed is anything to go by.

Dragonfly - I'm not under the impression that cougars of that variety have much sense at all. It has been quite the while since I was last in that... um, landscape? But I can easily think of several cougars I spotted that I always considered kinda sad.

Also: utterly unattractive. But hey, obviously that's not the sentiment of all their prey...